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    Porter Township has been dubbed the "southern gateway to Pike County" with State Route 402 serving as the main roadway throughout the entire township. At least 70% of the lands are owned and administered by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and make up District 19 of the State Forest Lands. Small areas of private land exist including Hemlock Farms, containing about 400 residential lots, Spruce Run Creek Farm with 39 properties, all over 2 acres in size and Ness Road area which contains a cluster of small private properties.

    Only three commercial properties exist in the Township, namely the Pickerel Inn, the Inn at Pecks Pond and  the Pecks Pond Store.

    Another vast acreage of land that is privately owned but formed into hunting and fishing clubs includes Porters Lake, Blue Heron Lake, Hunters Range, Camp William Penn (now DCNR) and Beaver Run Club. These clubs have remained unchanged since their formation in the early 1900's.

     During the early days logging and tanning were the primary industries. These activities left most of the township desolate and barren of trees. With very poor soil conditions...little else was left to accomplish. Years later, now numerous with woods and waters, outdoor enthusiasts continue to enjoy the rugged beauty and serenity of the area.




Here is a list of radio stations we have partnered with to get information out to the citizens of Pike County during an emergency when other means of communications are not available due to damage to their infrastructures.


105 FM 106.9 FM
103.5 FM 96.7 FM
103.5 FM 107.7 FM
105.3 FM
104.3 FM
95.3 FM
98.3 FM
1400 AM

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