PORTER TOWNSHIP / Pike County / Est 1851

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    **NOTICE** Our office is not staffed-please use the contact list below to navigate to the correct contact for the information you are seeking, such as tax collection, building permits, township officials.

Mailing Address

2186 Route 402

Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328


E-Mail: info@portertownship.net


Website: www.portertownship.net


Phone Numbers



Elected Board of Supervisors

Bill Powell, Chairman


Cheryl Schmitt, Supervisor


Terri Koch, Supervisor, Secretary/Treasurer


The Board of Supervisors meets on the FIRST Monday of the month (if Monday is a holiday, the meeting will be on Tuesday) at 6:00 PM at the Township Building located at 2186 Route 402 across from Snowhill Road.

**Note-this office is not staffed, so please use the provided contact information.


Porter Township Supervisors
2186 Route 402
Dingmans Ferry , PA , 18328
Phone: 570-223-0447

Fax: 570-223-0447
Email: info@portertownship.net

Porter Township Supervisors
2186 Route 402
Dingmans Ferry , PA , 18328
Fax: 570-775-7734
Phone: 570-223-0447
Email: info@portertownship.net


Stacey Beecher, Esquire        106 West High Street

                                                  Milford, PA 18337


                                                  570-296-2211 fax                  stacey.beecher@gmail.com


Tax Collector


Joan Horger                            269 Dorys Rd                            joanh22@verizon.net

                                                   Blue Heron Lake

                                                   Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328



Zoning and Code Enforcement


Rolin Edwards                        570-470-0146 cell                    n8368rolin@netscape.net


Sewage Enforcement


Ron Tussel                              118 Navajo Ct                            rontussel@ltis.net

                                                    Hawley, PA 18428

                                                    570-237-6454 cell

                                                    570-685-7333 fax


Building Inspection

Building Inspection Underwriters (BIU) -Administrator of PA UCC for Porter Township


Paul Bunnell, Construction Code Official

                                                     Building Inspection Underwriters, Inc.

                                                     1010 Albright Ave

                                                     Scranton, PA 18508                 www.biupa.com

                                                     570-344-9681 Office

                                                     570-969-9700 Fax


Emeregency Management


Rob Hellyer                                570-234-8223    cell                 rob.hellyer@portertownship.net




Ken Kohler                                570-688-3197     cell